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Happy Labor Day!

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by Rachel Luckenbill, CTE Instructional Consultant for TAs

To all of our academic friends whose Labor Day looks like this:


Be sure to step away from the lesson planning, grading, or researching to enjoy the holiday. I found this delightful scenery in Oklahoma City this past spring. I was feeling saturated by information while attending a conference and took a break to go for a walk at the nearby botanical gardens. A brief respite from the intellectual rigor of academics was all I needed to finish out the rest of the day feeling brighter and ready to learn. Whether you spend all day picnicking with family and friends or just an hour or two reading a good book and sipping your favorite coffee, may you flourish at work tomorrow because of restful moments you experience today.


Stay tuned for a full-length post tomorrow on creating an active learning experience in the classroom.

Author: duqcte

Founded in 1989 as a faculty initiative, the Center for Teaching Excellence helps faculty and graduate student teaching assistants excel as teacher-scholars deeply invested in their students’ learning. We believe that excellent teaching is an art that grows through scholarship, practice, reflection, and collaboration. Our approach at CTE is a personal one. We promote excellence in teaching by getting to know our faculty and TAs, learning from them, fostering their leadership, and bringing people together from across the University.

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